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Industrial absorbent for general use based upon high quality calcined clay.


Abso’Net Superior Plus is an industrial absorbent based upon light-brown coloured granules with high absorption power, obtained by means of thermal activation at high temperature of a fine, high-quality Attapulgite.

Abso’Net Superior Plus presents excellent absorption qualities and high mechanical properties at the same time.

The particle size of Abso’Net Superior Plus (0.6 mm – 3.4 mm) has been selected to provide the most convenient performance/cost ratio.

Abso’Net Superior Plus is a recognised absorbent that satisfies the official MPA (Material Prüfungsamt) type IIIR approval for it uses on roads and motorways of the German national road network.

For its use, this product presents the following advantages:

  • Great absorbent performance.
  • It leaves surfaces safe, clean, dry and open for traffic after the absorption of the spills.
  • It is not discomposed after absorption.
  • Natural (no chemicals or modifications).
  • Product resistant to abrasion when it is subjected to mechanical stress.
  • Very little emission of dust.
  • Good performance with acids, including strong acids.
  • Lightweight product to transport and in its use.
  • Fireproof. It is harmless to people, animals and plants.

Fields of application

In terms of implementation, the qualities and properties of Abso’Net Superior Plus allow universal use even under the most demanding conditions, especially for the following uses: Service stations, garages, roads and highways maintenance, airports, harbours, service and cleaning companies, railway, transport companies, firemen, army, general industry, energy sector etc.

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