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Absorbent for general use based upon high quality polypropylene. Further to eliminate any type of spillage, its use is very convenient to prevent spills. Available in different formats: pads, rolls, socks, and pillows.


Abso’net Protection Universal is a multiple absorbent for infinity of liquids, including non agresive oils and water based fluids. Nowadays, the use of universal absorbents is very extended in a wide range of industrial sectors.

Fields of application

Workshops and working areas (mechanical, repair, maintenance, industries,….), laboratories (quality control, R&D, analysis, photography,….), hospitals, small businesses (hardware stores, butcheries, fish shops,….), commercial vehicles (trucks, vans, buses, cranes, taxis,….), home (garage, storage room, kitchen,….), parking, gas stations, firebrigade, emergency teams, airports, harbours, railway stations, etc.

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