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Fireproof vegetable absorbent for general use, responsible with the environment.


Abso’Net Organic Plus is a granular organic product, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Due to its fireproof property, it can be used in environments where the use of fire-resistant product is required.

Abso’Net Organic Plus is a vegetable absorbent made up of resin wood dust, which has been dried at high temperatures and undergone a process that enables it to develop a fireproof behaviour.

Abso’Net Organic Plus is a natural absorbent of very high quality, ecological and with low environmental impact since it can be eliminated by incineration. It is PEFC certified, which shows TOLSA Group’s commitment to forest sustainable development.

For its use, this product presents the following advantages:

  • Good absorbent performance.
  • It leaves surfaces safe, clean and dry.
  • Lightweight product to transport and in its use (45L weight around 6 Kg).
  • Fireproof.
  • It is harmless to people, animals and plants.

Fields of application

In terms of implementation, the qualities and properties of Abso’Net Organic Plus can be widely used, even in environments which require the use of fire-resistant products.

Abso’Net Organic Plus is especially recommended for the following uses: petrol stations,garages, airports, service and cleaning companies, railway stations, transport companies,emergency equipment, firemen, army, etc.

* Available in UK and Ireland under different name.

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