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Professional efficiency, also for small spillages. The practical and natural solution for small spillages.

Abso’net Multi eliminates odours, balances moisture, absorbs oils and greases and much more. Absonet Multi has a great absorption power, is practical, convenient and multipurpose. 100% natural.


Thanks to its high porosity and optmized distribution of particles size, Abso’Net Multi is a 100% natural product with a high power and speed of absorption. Abso’Net Multi is based on professional solutions universally used for cleaning and eliminating spillages within demanding sectors such as racing circuits, petroleum refiners, factories, fire brigades or military throughout Europe. Abso’Net Multi is a light product, presented in two different formats that maximize the ease of transport, use and storage. Abso’Net Multi is a virtually powder free product, therefore it does not soil the environment or inconvenience users during its application. Abso’Net Multi is fireproof, it does not contain artificial substances and it is chemically and physically inert. Therefore it does not decay when in contact with liquids which are retained within the granule structure. Abso’Net Multi, when saturated by the spillage can be disposed of by the same method as the original liquid.

Fields of application

Abso’Net Multi efficiently absorbs spillage of liquids of any density and of practically any nature (except hydrofluoric acid), including natural and synthetic oils, fats, automobile lubricants, hydrocarbons, paints, solvents and organic fluids such as blood, vomit, garbage lixiviate, etc. Besides treating spillages, Abso’Net Multi is usefull for the absorption of bad smells derived from these liquids, as well as of other smells derived from garbage, tobacco or shoes. The special composition of Abso’Net Multi enables to adjust environment’s humidity, for a lasting range of comfort between 40% and 80%, whenever the amount of the product used is proportioned to the volume of air to be treated. This advantage is particularly useful in limited spaces with humidity problems, such as lumber rooms or basements.

Thanks to its properties, Abso’Net Multi can be used both in open and closed spaces, even in the most extreme climate conditions.

Abso’Net Multi can be used to control spillages and bad smells in several environments. Examples are:

  1. Small warehouses and working areas: mechanics, repair shops, maintenance, etc., both in large and small factories.
  2. Laboratories: quality control, research and development, analysis, photography, etc.
  3. Small business: hairdressing salons, photography, ironmonger’s, butcher’s and fishmonger’s, etc.
  4. Professional vehicles such as lorries, vans, scrap yards, buses, taxis, etc.
  5. At home: garage, garden sheds, kitchen, shoes, wardrobe, etc., to absorb spillages derived from automobile maintenance, DIY activities, cooking oil, garbage oil, vomits, etc.
  6. In general, in any place where there is a risk of spillage which is advisable to remove effectively.

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