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Industrial degreaser with profound cleaning properties for mineral and synthetic oil, grease, soot, dirt and protein soiling on several surfaces. Concentrated cleaning agent for removal of oil smear on traffic circulation areas.


Abso’Net Active Plus is an active cleansing agent of the new generation with strong fat and dirt dissolving power. Abso’Net Active Plus penetrates in depth and brings the already infiltrated hydrocarbons back on the surface.

Abso’Net Active Plus is the bio-cleaner for environmentally-compliant buildings and for cleaning of industrial areas. Deep decontamination can be achieved with the regular use of the product.

Fields of application

Abso’Net Active Plus is used for cleansing of contaminated concrete and asphalt surfaces, traffic circulation surfaces in diesel tapping plants, floors of any kind; machines, in the case of hydraulic damages, in automobile repair workshops, in petroleum retail, industry, workshops, parking lots and underground parking garages; transport companies, construction sites, fuel stations, by fire brigades and technical aid organizations; motorway maintenance authorities, forwarding agencies, etc.

High economical use in all cleaning systems since depending on the level of contamination, it can be strongly diluted with water (up to 1:25 and 1:50). It can be used also at temperatures of up to 80ºC.

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